FrouFrou Patisserie
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Buttercream flowers

Knee-deep in my garden’s soil; seeds strewn in my hair.  Sunshine streaming, flowers dreaming, bliss without a care.

Buttercream cake topped with buttercream flowers. 

This cake is available in all flavour variations, white or dark chocolate ganache coating as well as two tier or three tier size options. Get in touch to find out more.

* Please note, we will always try to match our cakes to the picture as closely as possible, however due to the handmade nature of our designs they may vary from the image.

6” Cake (serves approx 24 coffee portions or 12 dessert portions) from £120

7" Cake (serves approx 36 coffee portions or 18 dessert portions) from £162

8” Cake (serves approx 48 coffee portions or 24 dessert portions) from £219

9" Cake (serves approx 60 coffee portions or 30 dessert portions) from £296

2 Tier Cake 6”+ 8" (serves approx 72 coffee portions or 36 dessert portions)  from £360

2 Tier Cake 8”+ 10" (serves approx 120 coffee portions or 60 dessert portions) from £600

For other sizes and shapes please get in touch.

A standard Froufrou coffee serving is 1.5” square consisting of two layers of sponge, each layer approximately 1” thick making the serving approximately 2.5”-2.7” tall.

A standard Froufrou dessert serving is 1.5” square consisting of four layers of sponge, each layer approximately 1” thick making the serving approximately 5.5”-5.7” tall.

*Please be aware that size changes can alter the look of your chosen design

The first and most important tip we can offer you is that when it comes to cakes, the fridge is not your friend. But the fact is, refrigerating cake actually makes it go stale faster.
If you're planning to eat your cake within three days of when it was baked, the best thing to do is keep it at room temperature. This means on the counter, away from heat, and out of direct sunlight. Our cakes are delivered packaged if you're planning to eat it within 24 hours, that's all you really need to do.
If you're thinking of holding your cake for longer than that, you can leave it in the box and wrap the box with plastic wrap, which will keep the cake from drying out for up to three days.
If you do choose to refrigerate your cake, please remove it 30 minutes before serving to ensure a moist sponge and soft buttercream.

Colours can be changed but may incur additional costs.