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Pink and Yellow bubbles (Bear)

Everything in life I share. Except of course my teddy bear.

Glaze finished mousse cake finished with 100% belgian chocolate decoration.

This cake is available in all mousse cake flavour variations (the outer coating will always be as pictured), also available in a two tier size option. Get in touch to find out more.

* Please note, we will always try to match our cakes to the picture as closely as possible, however due to the nature of our handmade designs they may vary from the image.

7” Round (serves approx 8-10 wedge portions) from £105

8.5” Round (serves approx 10-12 wedge portions) from £127

9.5” Round (serves approx 12-14 wedge portions) from £150

*Please be aware that size changes can alter the look of your chosen design

For mousse cakes we do suggest that the cake should be eaten within a 24hr period after delivery. If covered and stored properly in the fridge, the cake can be kept for upto 3 days.

We recommend that mousse cakes should be cut with a warm knife for a cleaner look.

Keep away from heat and out of direct sunlight. Our cakes are delivered packaged if you're planning to eat it within 4 hours of delivery it does not need to be refrigerated. 

Changing the colours on our cakes is no problem, just get in touch.
Mousse cakes are not suitable for Vegetarians as they contain gelatin.